Storm Drain Protection Act (SDPA) installs filters within  storm drains to help preserve  waterways. plant life. animal life. ecosystems.


The DTS is an online Drain Tracking System that records data for the SDPA.

The DTS records:
  • Storm Drain Locations
  • Protected Inlets/Unprotected Inlets
  • Who’s servicing/When to service
  • Debris Collected
  • Adopt a drain/Adopters

(DTS is in Development)


Preserving waterways, save plant and animal life

Protecting ecosystems

Preserving our environment for future generations

Saving Money $

Drain Tracking System (DTS)


Ritvika Sonawane

We would like to give a special thanks to Ritvika Sonawane, She has taken the lead on developing the SDPA’s website on a volunteer basis. Because of Ritvika’s hard work, we are now able to do the job right. You have not just built a site, you have created a pathway, an opportunity for us as a people to take action, to preserve our waterways and save plant & animal life so future generations can enjoy our planet as they should.

We cannot thank you enough Ritvika,  You truly are a HERO!!!


This is our chance to capture pollutants before they enter our waterways! Learn how unprotected storm drains can lead to disaster caused by humans.

Filtering storm drain water saves plant and animal life, PERIOD! We use filters on almost everything like AC units, cars and our own drinking water. Why are we forgetting about storm drain filters that are necessary to maintain a balanced ecosystem? We encourage you to join our fight and TAKE ACTION.

Our Partners

Preserving waterways, saving plant and animal life

Joining together as a community to take action against pollutants and backward policies. To preserve our waterways is an absolute necessity. We depend on our waters for so much; such as our fishing industry, marine industry, tourism industry and a sustainable ecosystem, just to name a few.

Sustainable ecosystems

What is the meaning of sustainable ecosystem?  Ecological sustainability means that, based on a long-term perspective, we conserve the productivity of the waters, the soil and the ecosystem, and reduce our impact on the natural environment and people's health to a level that the natural environment and humanity can handle. In a nutshell, we need to be doing our best to reduce our carbon footprint so nature can thrive.

Preserving our environment for future generations

Think back to your past, think about the environment you grew up in. The bright blue waters, The abundance of happy marine life, Oh how things have changed in such a short time. The loss of marine life and quality of our waters is out of control. Our children, our grandchildren and so on will think of manatees as a thing of the past. Fishing season, what's that our kids will ask. You mean we used to be able to swim at the beach?  These issues are not at your front door step, there in your living room, sitting in your favorite chair, drinking your last drink. We as a people need to wake up and take action, so future generations can enjoy all of earths beauty and share those same memorable experiences with their loved ones.

Saving Money

How can the SDPA save you money?
Currently people are paying for Storm Water Management in some form or another. Whether you're payout is in taxes, local municipalities, Management groups or HOA fees, etc, we are paying for issues that can be prevented, by installing the proper filter within a storm drain can make all the difference.  NO MORE PAYOUT for dive teams to record and inspect issues. NO MORE PAYOUT for pipe jetting of underground utilities and storm drain clean out. NO MORE PAYOUT for water restoration and erosion control issues. NO MORE PAYOUT for having to hiring companies to manage all these contractors. SDPA Filter Program is remarkably more cost effective. WE SAY NO MORE, WHAT DO YOU SAY?


NoFlood Products manufactures ideal filters for SDPA’s needs. Built in overflows designed to prevent flooding, it’s high percentage absorption rate to contain pollutants and debris, as well as its clean environmental friendly look. Choosing NoFlood Products was an absolute necessity to achieve the best results.

Examples of what the filters collect

TN-Total Nitrogen/TP-Total Phosphate





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