About Us


In 2022, The Storm Drain Protection Act launched with the goal of creating global wide awareness for the importance of protecting our waterways and saving plant and animal life. Installing filters within our storm drains is not only the much needed first line of defense, it reduces our carbon foot-print and is an absolute necessity to establish a brighter, healthier future for generations to come.

“Our team has always worked hard to create awareness within our communities,” said Storm Drain Protection Act Co Founder and CEO Steven Rodriguez. “From working with erosion control companies for over two decades, our hope is not only to create awareness but to take action. Our global water quality is our way of life. If we do not take action immediately, our future generations will suffer. Our disease filled waters will not only continue to kill off our plant and aquatic life, it will continue to ruin livelihoods. We depend on our waters for so much; such as a sustainable ecosystem, our fishing industry, our marine industry and our tourism industry which consists of an average of one hundred and twenty six million tourists every year in Florida”

“Because the past few years have presented so many challenges, we realized more than ever, something had to be done. This is why the Storm Drain Protection Act (a non-profit organization) was absolutely necessary to establish”, said Rodriguez.

The Storm Drain Protection Act was founded in 2022 and is overseen by its co-founders, Tab Downare, Ashtin Downare and Steven Rodriguez, all of whom are Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan Inspectors for the state of FL since 2006. Currently the SDPA operates out of Ft. Myers, FL. One of the many great features of this program is that it can be adopted not only nationwide but across the world.

In addition to providing a much needed program, The Storm Drain Protection Act will decrease workloads and save much needed funds for HOA’s, management companies, counties, cities, states and countries. By adopting this program you can help save our waters, which goes hand and hand with saving plant and animal life. The well-being of our waterways is all at risk, and the SDPA is the first line of defense. This is a huge deal that comes with much needed support to create success within our communities.                                                             Take ACTION and join our team today.